Join in with this participatory photography project which invites Cardiff residents and visitors to contribute to four online collages of our city. Throughout May photographs can be taken at SIX designated sites known as 'hives' around the city - see map below - you can tweet your photo or upload it here. Your submitted photograph will become part of this ever-changing digital artwork.

View the work by clicking on the location hashtags.



There are the five six locations around Cardiff and their Hashtags. Each hive is clearly branded and has location specific instructions.

  • Cardiff Market #ffhmarket
  • The Hayes¬†#ffhhayes
  • Central Library #ffhlibrary
  • Cardiff Bay #ffhbay
  • Roath Park #ffhroath
  • Tramshed #ffhtram

You don't have to have a smart phone or Twitter account to take part. If you have a compact camera you will soon be able to upload your location photograph(s) below. Please leave your name, so we can credit your photo segment.

If you are a Twitter user you can contribute your image(s) simply by tweeting it with the location hashtag. We can then search out images that you post and gather them for inclusion in the collage. Your Twitter handle will automatically appear on your photo segment.


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